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Hardscape Cleaning

Cleaning and providing maintenance to your hardscape is important. That’s why people choose Landscapes Unlimited CNY to protect their invest.

The first step is cleaning. You will need the entire surface of the pavers and joints between them cleaned out and empty. Weeds and moss will need to be removed as well. While you can try to do this by hand, we have the power washing tools to carefully make sure each joint line is hit.

Next we will make repairs to the pavers and walls or steps and help to restore your hardscape by correcting any settling issues, replacing broken pieces, or realigning the pattern or borders. Once the joints are cleaned out and dry, new joint filler must be installed.

Finally with repairs made and new polymer installed its time to add a protecting lay on the surface. This will keep the pavers cleaned for a longer period of time. It will also help to protect the surface from breaking down over time and eroding.

Sealing the surface will help keep things sealed to a luxurious finish and to leave your hardscape water resistant.

Professional-grade Equipment

We use professional equipment with more power to get the job done.

Reduce Wear and Tear

Restore the look of your pavement, brick, concrete and wood surfaces.

Professional-grade Cleaning Solutions

Our cleaning solutions are not available to the everyday consumer – they’re better!

Before Hardscape Cleaning

After Hardscape Cleaning