Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can often get lost in the fold, however it can often have the biggest overall impact to the final look. Often we hear our customers tell us things such as “I am so glad we the lighting” or “I feel like I am at a resort”. That’s because landscape lighting helps make your property much more inviting and livelier  when you light up your outdoor living space, pathways, and walkways. A well lighted landscape encourages you to use all of those areas while also getting a feeling of security and safety on your property.

Unique Lighting Solutions

At Landscapes Unlimited CNY there are a number of outdoor lighting options to choose from. From planning to installation, together we will work with you to make sure your outdoor lighting is a success. Our expert lighting team ensures that all of the unique features of your landscape are illuminated and help to make every yard or garden different. We ensure complete customization of our landscape lighting for each and every customer.

In addition, we can provide different looks based on your tastes and can provide you with different ideas to fit your needs. We offer everything from minimalist, statement, symmetrical, or even an accent approach. Our landscape lighting helps to showcase your outdoor areas the way you want them too.

Environment-Friendly Options

When lighting up your landscape we prefer to use LED lights. That’s because these lights are low maintenance, environmentally friendly, and best of all cost effective. They also provide 80% more efficiently than other lights and are a preferred option for all kinds of projects. Older lighting systems can be retrofitted to also utilize LED lights.

Professional and Efficient Services

If you are looking to enhance your landscape with our outdoor lighting options then there is only one company to call. For a design consultation, or ideas on what enhancements will work in your yard call Landscapes Unlimited CNY at 315-452-1100.