Outdoor Living

Today, outdoor spaces on residential properties are increasingly being used as areas where homeowners relax with their families and entertain guests. A great deal of attention is paid to designing them and turning them into comfortable, functional, and aesthetic-looking spots. While some people prefer to design these spaces very simply, others prefer elaborate designs and installations. Regardless of how you want this area on your property to be designed, we at Landscapes Unlimited CNY can provide you with superb solutions to design these outdoor living areas.

Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

If you are one of those people who like to cook & entertain guests outdoors, you can opt to have an outdoor kitchen installed. This can be in a space adjacent to the house or even a distance away. Adding features such as fireplaces and fire pits is a great way to add functionality & beauty to your home. In some cases, we also add grills to the fire pits which turn them into cooking sources. When you design all these areas so beautifully, you will be encouraged to step into these spaces and use them more than you normally would.

Outdoor Living We have over 15 years of experience in designing and installing outdoor living areas for customers. While we are doing this, the various aspects that we focus on are:


Client preferences

Materials used

Flexibility in terms of alterations and additions




Complete Solutions

When we handle design and installation of outdoor living spaces, the landscaping, carpentry, masonry, plumbing and electrical work will be handled by us. We provide all around solutions and help in the constructions of different features such as decks, patios, gazebos, pergolas, and poolscapes. Building half height retaining walls helps in demarcating areas on the property and we can also add built-in seating in these half height walls. When you add any of these features to your home, it creates a beautiful ambience.

Expert Designing

While our expert designers are planning all these areas, they focus on balancing all the hardscaping and softscaping elements. The other important aspect that is kept in view at all times is to make these areas low-maintenance. This has a positive impact on the overall cost of the outdoor living spaces that have been installed. We have the creativity and skill to create just the look you want and ensure that the designing of all these areas blend in perfectly with the overall look of your landscaping and home structure.

The Perfect Look

While we do all these things, we also like to enhance the natural beauty of the lawn and plantings and make sure that the look of these elements is used to complement the look of the outdoor living features that we have added. We serve customers across the Syracuse, NY Metro and surrounding areas. For high quality and creative outdoor living solutions, call Landscapes Unlimited CNY at 315-452-1100. We assure you of high quality outdoor spaces at very competitive rates.