Patios and Walkways

Outdoor spaces on your property add timeless beauty to it. When you add patios and walkways, you are able to use these areas in a more functional way. We at Landscapes Unlimited CNY have been providing customized solutions to customers across Syracuse, Cicero, Clay, Fayetteville, New Hartford, Utica, and the surrounding areas for over 15 years. In this time, we have built very strong relationships with all our customers and they know that when we handle their projects, the highest grade materials will be used and highly skilled personnel will carry out the installation.

Different Materials

We provide all around hardscaping and softscaping solutions and ensure that the work is completed to your 100% satisfaction. When you have visitors, one of the first things they notice are the outdoor spaces on your property. We help design fantastic patios and walks that add value to your property and make it look aesthetically appealing. Walks or walkways and pathways generally lead out of your home or from the driveway and have to be treated very specially in terms of the materials used. We can install patios made of:

Creating a Cohesive Look

The material that is used for the walks will generally complement the look of your home and the surrounding open spaces on your property. If you have a driveway that is paved in concrete pavers, we may suggest that you use similar pavers on the walkways too. These paths meander through a yard or garden space and make all the spaces easily accessible. Since these can also cut through the turf installation, it automatically prevents anyone from walking on the grass and damaging it. We use the best materials and the latest techniques in the installation and ensure that all the work is completed on time.


Many homeowners like to add patios to the outdoor spaces on their property. These features are excellent spaces that could be open to the sky or semi-enclosed. If you would like, we can also add a fireplace or fire pit to this area. If we have also installed any walks that radiate from the patio to other areas in your yard, both these features can have the same flooring. Concrete is a very strong and durable installation and is now available in a range of colors and textures. Brick provides a very rustic and earthy look and lasts for years.

Other Options

For more information about the customized options we can provide, call Landscapes Unlimited CNY at 315-452-1100. Speak with our experts and tell us what your requirement is and we will provide perfect solutions that match your preferences and budget.