Outdoor living spaces add a distinct charm to your home. When you plan and design them with care, they become areas where you can relax with your family and friends. In this respect pool areas become the one spot where people love to gather and enjoy some leisure time. Landscapes Unlimited CNY has been providing customers with beautifully designed and aesthetically appealing spaces for well over a decade.

Custom Solutions

We provide customized solutions that help create the exact look you have envisioned for these poolscapes. There are a number of aspects we focus on and ensure that high grade materials are used in the installation and highly skilled and experienced personnel handle the work. We create themes for these spaces and then work on those themes to provide you solutions that complement the look of your home.

The Unique Look

We know that you want your home to be unique so our poolscapes designers work very closely with you to ensure that all your ideas are incorporated into the installation. We source the best materials and the workmanship is always top-of-the-line. Our work is always carried out in a meticulous manner and will be completed on schedule. If we are installing your poolscapes as part of the rest of the landscaping project, the job becomes simpler as we are able to extend the concept, theme and acquire the exact same materials as well.

Not all masterpieces are created at once! There is always the option to complete your project in phases just as several of our return customers throughout Syracuse, Clay, Fayetteville, New Hartford, and the surrounding areas have done. In this case, we make sure that similar finishing materials are procured and that your initial design allows for modifications when you decide the time is right.

Various Enhancements

Poolscapes are essentially the areas around the pool. These can be treated with a number of elements and features that are functional and attractive. When we handle the job for you, we provide all-round services. There are a number of concepts that can be used to enhance the look of these areas and we can add:

Sitting Walls

Boundary walls


Shade structures

Pool spas


Waterfalls / Water Features

Mood lighting

Tanning ledges

Decking and stairs

Call the Experts

We can design poolscapes that are as simple or elaborate as you prefer. Every idea and design will be run by you and once we have received your approval, we will complete the work to your 100% satisfaction. When it comes to our creativity and ideas, there really is no limit. Simply call Landscapes Unlimited CNY at 315-452-1100 for the best and customized solutions. We assure you high grade services for outdoor spaces that speak volumes about your good taste.