Touch Ups | Landscapes Unlimited CNY

Please fill out the form below to be added to our touch-up list. If you are currently under warranty, most likely it is no charge. We encourage you to upload photos with your submission so that we can better assist you. For any questions, we are available from Tuesday to Friday, 8am – 4:30pm to take your call.

Edging – the black edging around the pavers is coming up and is exposed to the sunlight, or it is loose and the paver pattern is starting to move.

Heaving – the pavers or wall is being pushed up.

Loose Cap – the cap on the top of the wall or the tread on the step is loose or falling off.

Re-Sand – the sand between the paver joints is a 1/2″ or more below the paver.

Settling – the pavers or wall is sinking down.

Shifting – When the pavers or wall are moving to the left, right or pulling apart.

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