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Water Features

There are a number of elements that go into making a landscape attractive and functional. Every homeowner wants his or her property to look distinctive and we at Landscapes Unlimited CNY help you achieve that. We work very closely with all our clients and ensure that you get the kind of landscapes you desire. We are an all-service landscaping company and provide customized solutions by creating unique designs that are completely in-sync with the architectural elements of your home.

Different Water Features
Just as we install hardscaping and softscaping, we also add distinctive touches with the addition of elements such as fire pits, fireplaces and water features. The latter could be simple or highly decorative, based on the look you want to achieve. There are a range of water features you can opt for such as:


  • These can be customized to your needs and personal tastes. You can choose between a waterfall that has a pond or one without a pond. For safety reasons, pondless waterfalls are ideal for homes with kids and pets. You also have the option to add ponds to the base of the waterfalls at a later date.


  • These are another popular water feature that homeowners opt for. You can create the look you want by adding either a single or multiple fountains, based on the size of the open areas on your property.


  • These are very alluring and are ideal for larger properties and for homeowners who have the time to maintain them. These could be filled with aquatic plants and fish of various kinds. They add a very oriental feel to the landscape.

Bubbling Boulders

  • These are very interesting water features that can be added to very small patios or decks. They are essentially natural stone boulders that have been cored out and have water flowing out of them. These are available in a range of natural stone materials and can also be added to spaces like balconies.
Innovative Ideas

Regardless of the type of water features you opt for, we can provide you with customized solutions that fit perfectly into your budget. While we design and install stunning water features on your property, we also ensure that quality is maintained at all times. We focus on designing elements that are beautiful and ones that will add to the beauty of the existing landscape. If you have any specific ideas we can build on those concepts to create your design, or if you prefer that we provide the ideas, we can do that too!

We are undoubtedly the preferred landscaping company in Cicero and serve residential & commercial customers in Syracuse, Clay, Fayetteville, Utica, and the surrounding areas. For more information about the different types of water features that we can provide, call Landscapes Unlimited CNY at 315-452-1100.